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Happy New Year 2015!

Wow, it’s been a long long time since I last posted here! It was about a year ago, actually. To be honest, I forgot about this blog and then suddenly *ding!* I felt like writing about something. I look next to me at my lovely napping Ringo Star, stretched comfortably on his blanket-covered bed and mustached nose nuzzled deep against the big huggy pillow I got him when he was first adopted, and I thought to myself, “I should write about Ringo! …Wait, I already do. Erm, well, used to.” Because– you know– people think in their head the same way they talk. Anyway! Let’s brush the dust off the nonexistent piece of paper resting eagerly on my desk and get to writing already!

Now, what to write about… What to write about…

Let’s write about me and how I’m doing (because you all care so so much, right?) and then begin the year with a dog-related article full of words of wisdom and knowledge and whatever other positive feature I can come up with on the fly about the article I’ve yet to write– oh! clever. The article will be clever to boot. And smart too.

Well, how’s life? It’s adequate. I’m learning something new every day about myself and those around me — Ringo included. At the moment, I’ve kept myself busy with dog training, graphic design, and a new element of work: Youtube. Yup, I’ve squatted down, hugged my knees against my chest, tippy-toed, and allowed myself to roll down the snowy mountain of “online entertainment” and see how huge I can snowball. Strange imagery, huh? I agree. I have no idea where that came from. But yes! Youtube. It’s quite fun. Along with dogs and art, I’m very engrossed in gaming. So, as one would expect, I’ve begun a Youtube channel based on Video Game Let’s Plays!
“What’s a ‘Let’s Play’?” one may exclaim. Well, it’s when someone makes a video of them playing through a video game with a microphone and commentates on what they’re doing or what’s happening. Unlike someone doing a speed run, playing the game quickly, using shortcuts and sometimes glitches, to beat it as quickly as possible with no mistakes; or doing a video game walkthrough, playing the game at a normal pace, collecting everything, showing all cutscenes and sometimes all secrets, and beating the game with little to no mistakes; someone who does a Let’s Play will play the game, sometimes for the first time, and talk with the viewers as if they’re in the room with them. They’ll upload the entire game little by little and may reply to comments made in the Youtube Comments Section in their video.
They’ll talk about the game as they play, laugh, get angry, scared, etc. as if they’re playing video games with friends sitting with them. People watching become engrossed in the game and get to know the Youtuber more and more as they listen to stories and the like. Some Let’s Players will play the game and try to teach viewers certain techniques. Some Let’s Players will play a game for the first time and show viewers how they progress. Some Let’s Play videos have multiple people together playing a game and the viewer watches them play as the Let’s Players chat about the game. It’s great for people who can’t play the game, but want to see someone else play and experience it as if they’re with a friend or learning from someone experienced in the game. It’s quite fun, and a very special kind of Youtube video. Let’s Players can make a living doing this: playing games, uploading videos, and making friends, money, and a reputation from an online community. It takes a lot of time, but it’s time spent doing what you love!
Like dog training, I enjoy playing video games I’m experienced with and teaching viewers useful tips, tricks, and techniques on how to be successful in the game. And a lot like dog training, I’m not the best, but I’m good enough to be someone to look to when needing help, or just some entertainment.
For those who have their interests magnetized to every word I have typed about my Youtube Let’s Plays, you are more than free to visit my youtube channel and watch a few of my videos! At the moment, I’m playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U! Soon, I’ll be playing more games, namely Monster Rancher, Paper Mario, and more! My Youtube name is TheGoldenDunsparce. Hope to see ya there!

So, now that my shameless plug-in has been tossed out there like a tasty steak to hungry (and very lovely) lions, let’s move on to the next subject: Dogs! In my next post, we can cover dogs. What should I write about though? Hmmm… How about: “Things Your Puppy Should Know Before Adulthood”?

Not too difficult, right? Well, some of these actually aren’t as obvious as one may think! Eager to learn from the owner of a dog who Didn’t Know Sit but now knows ALL of these valuable lessons? Well, sit tight and find out soon!!


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Should I Shave My Pet For the Summer?

Shaved To those who have long-haired cats or dogs and are considering shaving your pet’s coat for the summer to help him “cool down”, DON’T DO IT! Although dogs and cats only have sweat glands on their footpads (hence why they can leave footprints all over a shiny wood floor if stressed out or overly excited), they have their own super-effective way to cool down. Cats lick their fur and paws, and when the saliva evaporates, it cools them down; dogs keep themselves cool by vaporizing large amounts of water from their lungs and airways when they pant, expelling body heat in the process.

Although they have a warm thick double coat, long-haired cats and dogs are actually kept COOL from this. The coat acts as insulation against the sun’s UV rays and its effects. It regulates the animal’s body temperature, so when it’s hot, it keeps the cool in, and when it’s cold, it keeps the warm in. Shaving your pet’s fur off is like removing the walls of your home and then wondering why it’s scorching hot even though the AC’s on or freezing cold even though the heat’s on.

shaved_catThe best way to keep your pet cool is to keep your pet’s coat mat-free, well-brushed, and clean. Dogs have almost no pigment in their skin to ward off harmful UV rays and are very prone to sunburn and skin cancer, so the best way to protect your dog is to save the longer walks for evenings, and consider applying pet-specific sun block to thinly covered areas, such as the bridge of your dog’s nose, the tips of his ears, and his belly. You can also use a FURminator (or an off brand brush that does the same thing) to keep tangles to a minimum, remove loose fur, and lighten the coat a little bit. Keeping the coat healthy is the first and easiest step to keeping your pet cool in the Summer heat!

8d72e47ba7aac41439d8759a1515bf84If you feel that you HAVE to give your cat or dog a trim, try to leave at least two inches of fur to protect your pet from the elements. Be aware that once shaved, a double-coated pet’s coat will never grow back the same. It can end up patchy, discolored, thinner, and will shed even more than before! The rough top coat may never grow back as well, and your pet’s natural defenses from heat and cold will be gone for the rest of its life.

For dogs who want to play in the back yard, be sure to provide lots of shade, water, and breaks, even if your dog’s eager to keep playing; your dog probably doesn’t know what heat stroke is, but when it happens, you’re going to have a very big vet bill all because Fido wanted to play Frisbee for ten more minutes.

UnknownHopefully this helps, and your pets keep cool in this Summer blaze. Remember that the moment you start to feel thirsty and gross, your pet may be too! Be sure to offer lots of water (and pee breaks) and keep that coat healthy and non-shaven!