My Dog Didn't Know Sit

Tips From a Dog Trainer and Her Dog


cropped-demon-dog.jpgThis is a simple blog written by a young dog trainer who loves to help dog owners, pet parents, furbaby mamas- whatever you’d like to call yourself. Not only is this a tribute to Ringo, my very first dog, but also a means of educating people about who they love most: their dog. Sure, you may love your spouse or child more, but they’re not as fun to read about as your dog!

Having graduated from college and spent a few years doing freelance work, I reached a point where I kind of felt that what I was doing wasn’t quite following the cliché “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!” motto people like to spread about. Sure, being able to work in-home on “art projects” is fine, but not when the client has no idea what they want and expect you to provide 100% finished work as concept art. It’s painful doing a job five times in order to complete Step One; it didn’t feel rewarding or enjoyable, and the pay really didn’t make up for all the stress and headaches. Though I do have a passion in the art field, I started to gravitate toward my other love: Caring for animals. Since I was a little girl, I had wanted a dog of my own. It was impossible though since my family traveled from country to country often and my mom wasn’t very fond of animals and alittle allergic. I worked hard to prove that getting a dog would be beneficial to the family and my life, and that I was actually prepared.

I did so by fostering rescue dogs from a rescue organization called Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, and got a job at a nearby dog training center as a daycare supervisor. I spent a lot of time watching dogs and learning a lot about how they communicate and how certain breeds had certain quirks due to their breeding history. I soon realized that caring for dogs wasn’t work; it was a great experience that felt rewarding and healthy and fun! Not only was I saving lives, but it was having fun doing so. I fostered dogs for about a year, learning about dog care, communication, training, etc., and started to feel that this was my calling. I wanted to be a dog trainer!

Long story short, I did. I graduated from Animal Behavior College and am now a certified dog trainer! I hope to not only teach clients valuable information on how to care for and train their dogs who didn’t know sit into polite, balanced, know-it-alls, but I hope that through this blog, I at least provide something to someone and they will go, “That’s interesting!” and use that information to better themselves and thus their dogs as well. Every little thing helps, right?


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