My Dog Didn't Know Sit

Tips From a Dog Trainer and Her Dog

Meet Ringo Star

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This is Ringo. He was adopted on February 2nd, 2013 at the age of 8 months from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue in Washington, DC by 25 year old me. Ringo’s a very lucky dog, not because he was adopted as a Lucky Dog from LDAR, but because he was rescued from a shelter in South Carolina after being sent there with the reason in his paperwork, “Daughter moved out”.

Despite the bad luck, Ringo’s now living in Virginia and getting all the attention he deserves from a daughter who won’t move out and leave him behind with mom to take care of (or not take care of). He’s no longer a skinny puppy who pees when pet and screams for hours on end when left alone while his owner leaves to go to the bathroom without him.

He’s now a happy playful puppy with confidence and who loves everyone – people, rats, cats, and dogs alike – and spends his days napping, playing, being spoiled with treats that will never run out (yay for buying treats in bulk!), and pretending he has the best mustache in the world even though it’s considered peach fuzz compared to a real mustaches.

Despite arriving not knowing a single trick or even his name (formally Jake), Ringo is now a know-it-all (almost)! Before, Ringo didn’t know sit, but now he has mastered:

Stay (don’t move from a sit or down until I return and touch him on the head)
Wait (don’t eat a treat or follow me from a few feet away until released with “OK”)
Leave It (move away from an object he is about to eat/pick up)
Go Get It (grab the item he is looking at and bring it to me)
Drop It (drop the item he is carrying)
Off (get off of a couch/person/etc)
Spin (spin around in a circle)
I’ll Be Back (keep calm when I leave for a moment)
Don’t Do It! (stop attempting to drink/eat/smell an object or food)

Ringo knows a lot, but there’s also a lot he doesn’t know. What else do you think Ringo can master? Does your dog know something you can challenge Ringo to? Feel free to share what your dog knows and how he learned it!
Ringo Dolls

Author: Knows Sit

I'm a digital artist and video editor living in Tokyo, Japan, working as an English Language Teacher. I'm also a certified Dog Trainer with a dog named Ringo, adopted at 8 months old on Feb 2nd, 2013 from Lucky Dog Animal Rescue. Do I seem like I have no idea what I'm doing? I hope not, because I know what I'm doing: whatever I like! :3

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